Vagus Magi

18th August – Bergen
25th August – Stavanger

Welcome to VAGUS MAGI

We are pleased to invite you to a day retreat focusing on the vagus nerve, well-being, and strengthening your health. We are both very passionate about holistic health and what we can do ourselves to take good care of our health and live a good life. We have created a day where knowledge and practice meet to give you deeper understanding and experience of inner calmness, presence, and deep rest.
More information, program and registration will be coming very soon. 
Warm welcome!

I share my favorite breathing exercises which we practice together, so you are able to experience and feel how these affect your body and mind. The integration of these practices is a very important part of creating a more balanced and regulated nervous system. We end the workshop with a calming breathwork session and relaxation.

The goal of this workshop is for you to go home with an increased awareness and understanding of the mind-body connection. I believe that having the knowledge behind how our complex body is connected, is big motivator in wanting and facilitating positive change. Most importantly, I want you to go home with simple tools and practices that you can implement into your everyday life which can help you feel more grounded and present, increase your stress tolerance, help you make choices which are right for you, and which allow you to live the life you truly want.


Below are pictures from the Hvilepust 2023, held in Bergen

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