Mindful Yoga

23.04.24 – 14.05.24

Slow breaths, calm breaths, deep breaths.

This can help you find calmness and presence in your mind and body. When you create balance within yourself, you create balance in life. Through my personal and professional life, I have seen and experienced how internal and external stress from the past and present can affect our physical, mental, and emotional health. I have found it so important to learn and integrate tools into everyday life which can help enhance mindful living, and presence in everyday moments. 

I want to share this practice and tools that can help build your stress resilience, regulate and balance your nervous system and create a deeper connection between mind and body

In these mindful yoga classes we will focus on breath, movement, and relaxation.

Four evenings where we will dive into a healing practice together and let the breath guide us. In these classes we will be combining soft yoga, yin yoga and breathwork. 

If you are seeking a safe space where you can be guided to land within yourself, embrace self-reflection, acceptance and deep relaxation then this is for you. This course is suitable for anyone interested, either you are new or experienced in yoga. 

Warm welcome.

P.S. Classes will be held in norwegian. You can find more information and sign up by clicking on the link under.

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  • Explore the Power of Conscious Breathing
  • Learn How to Find Peace and Presence in Your Body and Mind

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