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My name is Asha and I live in Bergen, Norway. I am born and raised here, but my family is from India. We come from a tiny beautiful village in the mountains of South India, a place which is my second home. I have three kids, all under the age of 5 who keep me on my toes and who have changed my world for the better.

Growing up I always knew  I wanted to work close to people. I have always had love, curiosity and compassion for peoples lives, stories and wisdom. This fundamental care for others combined with a fascination of the human body and its connections led me on a path to medical university.

I graduated as a doctor at the age of 23. I have since worked in several different fields within medicine, in several university hospitals and have also had the privilege of working abroad in Zanzibar, at Mnazi Moja Hospital. I am currently specialising in both internal medicine and pneumonology at Haukeland University Hospital.

Over the past years I have grown more and more interested in how and what we can do to take better care of our mental and physical health and live happy, fulfilling lives. I have seen and experienced how negative stress over a longer period of time can affect the mind and body. It can lead to a stressed, imbalanced and dysregulated nervous system, which in turn can give rise to a spectrum of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Personally, I have had longer periods in life where negative stress really affected my wellbeing. It reached a point where I felt really unwell, unhappy and it led me to live a life that wasn’t in alignment with how I wanted to live.

This realisation began an inner journey, leading me to explore the mind-body connection. It gave me insight on deep rooted patterns and habits within me, which were restrictive and ultimately holding me back from my core values and surroundings.

I read every book I could find about self-care, mind body medicine and holistic health. I listened to podcasts, took courses and I tried different therapeutic practices. On my journey, I uncovered the power of yoga and breathwork. These practices became my sanctuary, giving me a feeling of peace, connection, and community. Yoga, both on and off the mat, became a transformative force, aligning me with my core values and surroundings. It allowed for positive changes, it helped me create more balance within and it allowed me to make choices which were healing and right for me.

In 2020, I started a teacher training program in MediYoga, a slow and therapeutic form of yoga. In 2021 I took a one year extensive training program in traditional Hatha Yoga and in 2022 I finished a training program in Yin and Restorative yoga. I have also recently take an instructor course in Breathwork.

These last years I have been studying, practicing and diving deeper into holistic health, lifestyle medicine and how we can use yoga, breath awareness and conscious breathing to improve our mental, emotional and physical health. How it can help to strengthen and regulate our nervous system, change negative patterns and habits, and serve as a tool for stress management and positive change.

Now, I’m passionate about sharing my learnings. I love teaching and holding different courses, workshops and retreats. Let’s navigate the path of yoga and breathwork together – bridging mind and body, managing stress, enhancing awareness, and guiding you toward a healthier, happier life.

Love A.

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